The first video of the confession of Murtaza Abbasi, who attacked the Gorakhnath temple in Uttar Pradesh, has surfaced. In the video, he is answering questions from ATS officers. This confession suggests that he has become a full-fledged jihadi, influenced by radical ideology. He confessed that he also knew that he would not survive after attacking the Gorakhnath temple. He told the officials that he felt something was wrong with the Muslims. He did all this to take revenge. In the video, Murtaza refers to the so-called atrocities against Muslims in the hijab, CAA, NCR controversy and elsewhere.

He became a jihadi in his student life.

According to ATS sources, Mortaza’s interrogation revealed that he was brainwashed extensively. He didn’t care about death. During his student life, his mind was filled with poison. From the very beginning, he used to watch videos of extremists on social media. He also followed terrorists and extremists with jihadist ideology.

Why is a sharp weapon like IS in hand? ,

During the ongoing investigation, a video has also emerged asking whether Murtaza has links with terrorist organisations, adding that IS terrorists also carry out attacks with weapons similar to Murtaza. He calls the weapon ‘Banka’. The video was released by the IS organization on March 25.

Murtaza is not a psychopath: Doctor

Murtaza Abbasi, who attacked the security guard at the Gorakhnath temple, is not a psychopath. Doctors confirmed this after his medical examination at the district hospital. Dr. Anand conducted his medical examination at the hospital.