Bhadohi, April 08 (H.S.). A fire broke out in the godown of the tent house located at the highway stop of Gopiganj Nagar in the district last night due to short circuit. In this fire, goods worth about seven lakh rupees were burnt to ashes. The fire brigade team reached the spot and somehow controlled the fire.

Tent businessman Mahesh Jaiswal of Gopiganj Nagar has a godown of Tent House in Koiran Mohal. He left the warehouse on Thursday night. A fire broke out in it at two o’clock in the night. When the people around saw them, informing the owner, they started extinguishing the fire. Fire brigade vehicles reached the spot and started extinguishing the fire. It was difficult to put out the fire as the shutters were closed. Later, the fire brigade personnel tried to control the fire by opening the shutters, but by then the fire had spread inside the godown, due to which all the contents of the tent kept inside had been gutted. It is likely that the fire has started due to short circuit. While giving this information in writing to the police station, shopkeeper Mahesh said that there has been a loss of seven lakhs due to this fire.