content_image_b6b24ddf-adea-4c89-b734-8a7e751a8ffcSitapur : A video of abusive language given by a Mahant in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh is going viral and people are outraged over the video. As the anger of the people increased, the police demanded a probe into the matter.

The viral video shows a Hindu mahant addressing a public meeting outside a mosque in Sitapur district, allegedly threatening to kidnap and rape Muslim women. They say that if a girl is harassed in a Muslim area, she will kidnap Muslim women and rape her in public. At that time the crowd present there is shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and cheering him. A police officer is also seen in the background in the hate speech video. This video has been tweeted by fact checker Mohammad Zubair.


A 2-minute video of the hate speech was recorded on April 2. At that time a person named Mahant Bajrang Muni Das of Maharishi Shri Laxman Das Udasi Ashram of Khairabad town took out a procession on the occasion of Navratri and Hindu New Year. Reportedly, when the procession reached a mosque, the man started giving abusive language over loudspeakers.

In the video, the man was saying, “I am telling you with all my love that if you molest a Hindu girl in Khairabad, I will throw your daughter and daughter-in-law out of your house and rape her.”

He has also been charged with conspiracy to murder. According to him, an amount of Rs 28 lakh has been collected. Sitapur Police had assured action on the entire matter through Twitter.