world-health-day7 April Health It is a globally important day in the field of World health day It is celebrated every year on 7th April. In recent years, Corona Epidemic has spread globally. This infection has spread to almost every country of the world. In such a situation, the World Health Organization has made every effort to provide health services to the world. There should be good health facilities everywhere and infection can be prevented. Similarly, almost all countries should be disease free and should not face any shortage in terms of health services, all this is an important objective of celebrating World Health Day.

But do you know why Health Day is celebrated only on 7th April? What is the history and significance of World Health Day? Let us know the purpose of celebrating World Health Day, this year’s theme and method.

World Health Day 2022 Theme

World Health Day 2022 is observed every year on 7 April to recognize the enormous contribution of the medical faculty and the success of the World Health Organisation. The theme of World Health Day 2022 is ‘Our Planet, Our Health’. This year’s theme aims to focus on the health of every human living on our planet. India is celebrating ‘Yoga Amrit Mahotsav’ on the occasion of World Health Day, which is being organized by the Ministry of AYUSH. The theme of World Health Day 2021 was ‘Building a Fair, Healthy World’.


The World Health Organization (WHO) convened the first World Health Assembly in 1948, calling for the establishment of “World Health Day”. The first World Health Day was observed on 7 April 1950 and has been celebrated on that date every year since then. The main goal of the day is to raise awareness about a specific health topic to highlight the priority area of ​​the World Health Organization.


The World Health Organization has played its part in raising awareness of health and wellness concerns as well as how to address them. Each year, World Health Day focuses on contemporary health issues with a variety of themes that require immediate attention.