Jaggery Remedy: Everyone works hard to maintain happiness, peace and happiness in the family. But many times, even after working hard, one cannot get happiness and prosperity. According to astrology, all the wishes are fulfilled by worshiping Lord Jupiter and observing fast on Thursday. Do these remedies related to jaggery on this day. By doing this remedy, the mental work of the person gets completed. Let us know about these measures.

Do this remedy on Thursday

  • If you are troubled by financial constraints and want to get rid of it, then putting a handful of chickpeas and jaggery in a banana tree after taking a bath on Thursday morning improves your financial condition. By doing this continuously for 5 to 7 Thursdays, all your problems will go away.
  • According to astrology, if any wish is not being fulfilled for a long time, then on Thursday evening, tie 1 coin, a round pebble and 7 whole turmeric knots in a yellow cloth and keep it under the railway line. By doing this, unfulfilled wishes will soon be fulfilled.
  • It is believed that offering a round to Jupiter on Thursday has a positive effect on Jupiter as well as Sun and Mars. By doing this, there will be no interruption in the work and the work will be done easily.
  • If you are going for an interview, then feeding flour or jaggery to the cow while going out of the house gives you success in work.
  • If you are dreaming of building a house or want to get property, then donating jaggery every Thursday to a needy person fulfills the person’s wish. Apart from this, by feeding round fodder to a red cow on Sunday, the dream of building a house will be fulfilled soon.
  • In case of delay or obstruction in marriage, one should feed the cow by mixing jaggery in the flour on Thursday. This will give the grace of the Guru and the problems in marriage will be removed.