watermelon : We are all suffering the heat of summer at this time. People like to eat red watermelon in this season. But today we are going to tell you what things should be kept in mind after eating watermelon and melon. It is often said that water should not be drunk immediately after eating watermelon and melon. Various arguments are being given regarding this.

Watermelon contains 92 to 96 percent water. That’s why experts say that you should not drink too much water when there is already so much water.
If water is drunk after eating, then the water of the stomach gets mixed in the food. Not only this, food is also not digested properly.
By drinking more water with food, more acid will be produced in the body and the stomach will feel full. Therefore it is advisable not to drink too much water with meals.

However, many fruits have a high water content. Hence it is advised to avoid drinking water after eating fruits. If you drink more water after eating fruits, then you may have gastric problem.
Cholera can be caused by drinking water on fruits that are high in water. But this can happen only if the fruit is infected, say doctors.
Drinking too much water over food or fruits leads to the formation of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. It is a mixture of food and water rather than digesting food.
For example, I took two chapatis and poured a glass of water over them. Chapati will get mixed with water, but it will not mix properly and will get spoiled. The same is the case with the stomach, when we drink water after eating food, doctors give this example.
You can drink water after a while after a meal, as it takes some time for the stomach to digest.
Fruits have high water content, so no one can eat them. Doctors say that kidney patients, diabetes patients and people with heart disease should avoid eating this fruit.