c-section weight loss C-section or caesarean section is a procedure in which the baby is delivered surgically. abdominal incision above the bikini line The baby is taken out of the uterus by implanting , But after caesarean section women has to face many problems. This is where many women face the problem of weight gain after caesarean. But sometimes normal delivery can also cause obesity.

Weight gain after c-section and its causes Weight gain is common after a C-section. However, if left unmanaged, they can go astray and lose the right track. There can be many reasons for weight gain after C-section:

  • taking pain relievers
  • inability to breastfeed properly
  • lack of physical activity
  • Apart from this, after caesarean section, women eat heavy food to overcome their weakness, which increases obesity.
c-section weight loss
c-section weight loss

Tips to lose weight after c-section

  • First of all, start yoga with the advice of a doctor, which will strengthen the abdominal muscles.
  • Drink at least 9-10 glasses of water throughout the day to detox the body.
  • Do not compromise on sleep and get at least 8 hours of full sleep. If you can’t get enough sleep at night, sleep with your baby during the day.
  • Eat more foods rich in fiber for proper digestion.
  • Eat foods that are high in vitamins and minerals but avoid high-calorie foods.
  • Alcohol is not good for lactating mothers as it hinders weight loss. It can also harm the baby.
  • Keep as much distance as possible from sugar, bakery sweets, cakes, biscuits, jams, fruit juices, carbohydrate drinks.

Can Breastfeeding Cause Weight Loss? Women often stop breastfeeding due to the fear of gaining weight, but instead of reducing it, obesity increases. Actually, breastfeeding burns calories which helps in weight loss. Research shows that breastfeeding burns 300-500 calories every 2 hours. In this case, the child should be breastfed for at least 6 months.

c-section weight loss
c-section weight loss

walking is also necessary Walk or jog for at least 15-20 minutes after having a meal. This helps a lot in reducing weight. There is very little belly and thigh fat in this, so do walk for at least 10 minutes.

a little more exercise Do: You can also resort to exercise and exercise to lose weight after delivery. Make jogging, walking, swimming, aerobics, cycling a part of your daily routine.