Most women prefer to style their hair using heating tools. But excessive use of these hot hair tools is harmful for the hair. By this our hair ( Hair Care ) become dry and lifeless. They cause a lot of damage to the hair. In this case, more care of the hair is required. There are many home remedies for hair care. hair care tips ) can be tried. It protects the hair from damage caused by heating tools. As a home remedy, you can massage the hair with hot oil and use hair masks etc. it’s your hair To Will work to make it healthy and shiny. Let us know which other home remedies you can try for hair.

hot oil massage

Heat styling can strip your hair of moisture. Massaging with hot oil is a good way to deal with it. After heat styling, massage the hair with warm oil. It keeps hair soft and provides moisture. It also prevents hair from getting frizzy. It also helps your hair to grow. You can massage your scalp with oil regularly to keep your hair healthy.

Damage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Heat styling causes a lot of damage to the hair. This also leads to the problem of hair fall. In this case, you can use damage repair shampoo and conditioner. It gives strength to the hair. Wash hair with damage repair shampoo and then condition it with damage repair conditioner. This will make your hair smooth, soft and healthy.

Use a soft cloth to wrap your wet hair

After washing the hair, wrap the head with a soft cotton cloth and dry it. This makes your hair break less. Scrub your scalp lightly with your fingers. Do not rub the towel over the hair. This can tangle your hair.

use hair mask

To take care of your hair, you need a nourishing hair treatment. You can use homemade hair mask. This will work to bring back the lost moisture of your hair. Natural ingredients are used to make these hair masks. They work to deeply nourish your hair.