Heart disease has become a common thing in today’s hectic life. Every fifth person is in the grip of this disease. Heart patients are always confused about what kind of food they should or should not eat.

In this regard, cardiologists believe that the patient should take special instructions in his diet. Especially the consumption of foods associated with cholesterol should be negligible. Consumption of high cholesterol is harmful for heart patients. The heart patient should eat the following types of food and improve his lifestyle:-

Green leafy vegetables and fruits should be consumed more.

The heart patient should at least use more salt, chilli and fried food or if possible should not do it.

If the patient smokes, consumes alcohol or any other intoxicant, then he should stop the consumption of these substances as soon as possible.

Amla and garlic should be consumed daily.

Ghee, butter etc. should be consumed to a minimum.

Do not eat meat etc. Preference should be given to the consumption of fish.

The heart patient should remain happy and should meditate for mental peace. Make sure to include light exercise and morning walk in your lifestyle.

Excessive thinking and worry should be said goodbye.