Rose hip is also called rose fruit. After using rose petals, we often throw down the stalk, this stalk is round in appearance, it is called rose hip. Rose Hip Oil Rose Hip Oil ( rose hip oil ) is called. Rose hips oil is rich in many properties like vitamins A, C, E, fatty acids, antioxidants etc. It is considered a boon for the skin. rose hip oil skin , skin Acts as an excellent toner, lightens blemishes and dryness of the face ( dryness )) ends. Know about all its benefits here.

removes stains

Rose hip oil is effective in removing the problem of dryness in the skin. It hydrates the skin, leaving your skin looking soft and glowing in no time. Apart from this, if there are marks of stretch marks, pimples etc. anywhere on your skin, then you should use hip oil regularly. This removes your faults.

reduces the effects of age

Rose hip oil is rich in anti-aging properties. By applying it regularly, the wrinkles of the skin are removed. Due to this, the effect of aging on the face is not visible soon. Rose Hip Oil acts as a great toner for the skin.

best makeup remover

Rose Hip Oil is the best makeup remover. Whenever you have to remove your makeup, you apply it on cotton and clean the makeup with light hands. It is also able to easily remove the makeup around the eyes.

strengthens nails

If your nails are very weak, do not grow fast or do not break, then you should use hip oil daily. It nourishes your nails and makes them strong.

Removes the problem of dandruff

Dandruff can also be said goodbye with the help of Rose Hip Oil. Its use removes the problem of dandruff, strengthens the hair and controls hair fall.

how to prepare

It is very easy to create it. For this, take a cup of fresh or dried rose flowers. Along with this you will need oil containing vitamin E. You can take jojoba or almond oil as a carrier oil. Mash the rose hips and keep it in a vessel, then add almond oil and cook on low flame. Leave it like this for about two hours. After this, filter the oil and fill it in a vial. Add a few drops of oil containing Vitamin E to it. After that you use this oil.