Nowadays women have become very conscious about their health and appearance along with their family. Every woman wants to look beautiful and slim but obesity bothers these women a lot. Most of the women are troubled by obesity for which they resort to dieting.

Dieting spoils their health because in this they have to stop eating and drinking. Dieting does not mean that you stop eating and drinking completely and spoil your health. Due to this the skin loses its natural glow and fatigue starts to emerge on the face and there is no agility in the body.

How can one remain active by leaving food and drinking, so first of all know that what should be your weight according to your age. For this consult a doctor. Then do something else.
But if obesity can be controlled without dieting, then what will be better? This will not increase your weight and you will not have to give up food and drink at all. For this only some measures have to be adopted. These measures will be included in your daily routine, which will have to be controlled and some food and drink will have to be taken care of.

By adopting these measures, you will not only be able to avoid obesity, but will also look slim-trim and will also be fit and active.

Do not keep fried things in your food. Stay away from them.

Include green vegetables in the diet.

Take some time out for a walk every morning.

Drink a glass of lemon water after waking up in the morning. Potatoes and rice play an important role in increasing obesity, so eat them sparingly.

– exercise regularly. This will also control the weight.

Sleep on time and get full sleep.

Avoid cold drinks. Excess intake of calories leads to weight gain.

Avoid eating too much sugar.

Include green leafy vegetables and salads in your diet.

Do not include chocolate, pastries, coffee etc. in your diet.

Do not use rickshaw or any other vehicle while going to the market. Walk as much as you can.

Stand in the kitchen and cook.

Try to do household chores like sweeping and wiping yourself, by doing these the fat is controlled.