Sandwich is an all time dish. For your information let us know that , Like a best friend who is always ready for your demands. you can have it as a meal or snack can take, Breakfast , Afternoon of food, Suitable for dinner or bedding 2 can take as lunch , Sandwiches are a meal for any occasion , whether it’s a party Ho , Have a picnic or get together. They are easy to eat and also easy to make.


There are many types of sandwiches that are filled with vegetables and often include butter and cheese. There are many variations here to try. Delicious and healthy sandwiches can be made in many ways. We bring you some of the best sandwich recipes.


a cheese sandwich

Fry the pieces of paneer lightly in butter. – tomatoes now , Cut onion and capsicum thinly. take two slices of butter , And place chopped vegetables and cheese on them. Sprinkle some salt and pepper and put the second piece on top. service tax.


cheese sandwich

Take two buttered slices of bread and place a slice of cheese on each bread slice. some chopped onions , Add tomatoes and capsicum. a little black pepper , Add chili flakes and salt. Grill it till the cheese melts.

vegetable sandwich

Garlic cloves in coriander chutney , Green chili and coriander , Prepare it by mixing a pinch of salt and a little water. Now take two butter bread slices and apply this chutney on it. Top it with some thinly sliced ​​capsicum , boiled potatoes , Cucumber , Add grated carrots and tomatoes. Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Keeping the other slice on top, cut it into two halves. service tax.


mayonnaise sandwich

Some chopped onions in a bowl for the mayo salad , Tomato , Add capsicum. Add some salt and red chili flakes to enhance the taste. Now 3 Add tablespoon mayonnaise. Stir it well and put this mixture on the bread. service tax.