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Lemon Rate Hike: Lemon has made a bitter tooth


Increase in lemon rate: The demand for lemon has also increased a lot amidst the rising temperature of summer. Due to this, the price of lemon has crossed Rs 300/kg in many places. In many places, the cost of just one lemon is Rs.10. According to vegetable vendors in the Delhi market, the price of lemon has increased significantly in the last few days. In Noida, lemon is being sold at different prices ranging from Rs 240 to Rs 280 per kg. Some shopkeepers say that the prices of lemons have increased significantly in the mandis alone. Earlier it used to sell for Rs 200 a kg, but now it has become Rs 20 a kg. 250 is crossed.

In Delhi’s INA market, lemon is being sold for Rs 350 a kg, while in Noida market, one and a half grams of lemon is being sold for Rs 80 a kg. In Ghazipur’s vegetable market, shopkeepers are being given Rs 230 per kg and consumers are getting Rs 280 per kg in the market. Although two types of lemons are also being sold in the market, the first one is green lemon which costs Rs. 280 and another yellow lemon for Rs. 360 per kg.

why increase this time

According to the information received, lemon prices often increase in summer, but due to unseasonal rains, it becomes even more expensive. Due to the change in weather, the prices of lemons have also increased. As the production of lemon increases in summer, so does its demand. According to traders, there is usually a rise in the prices of vegetables during the summer season, but this time there are many other reasons behind the increase in the price of lemon. The biggest reason for this is believed to be the increase in the price of diesel and petrol. The prices of lemons are rising due to rising transportation costs and declining revenues in the markets.


Lemon has many benefits

Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C. Lemon keeps the body hydrated as well as keeps the digestive system healthy. Drinking lemon juice rich in vitamin C reduces the risk of heart disease and the chances of having a heart attack.


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