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Surat: Honeytrap gang busted with police’s suggestion box, police surprised by becoming the main accused


face : The suggestion box of Surat Commissioner Ajay Tomar finally came to the fore. The middle-aged cloth merchant, who was not ready to file a complaint with the police for fear of going, had lodged a complaint with the police on the persuasion of the police. When a police constable named Jayesh Lad Ahir, the main kingpin of the Honeytrap gang, came out for investigation after the complaint, the police were also surprised. Meanwhile, a person has been arrested from the gang who tried to crush a middle-aged man with Rs 5 lakh with the help of a woman.

A woman called a cloth broker and raced
Called. Rakesh, a cloth broker living in Adajan Patiya area of ​​the city, got a call from an unknown number a week ago. Two days later, the caller called to meet me at Pooja Apartment in the street next to Kotak Mahindra Bank, Ghoddod Road, saying that he wanted to run a sari business in the village and buy saris from the market under his control Is. So Rakesh went to the first floor of the apartment where a lady gave him water to drink and said that the brother who called you is coming and the lady sat next to him.

Threatened three people in khaki uniform
At the same time, three people including a khaki uniformed suddenly entered the flat. In all three, the uniformed had the name plate of KA Parmar, while the second named Rohit Patel and the third Kanak Singh. While slapping Rakesh, Rohit said that where do these three come from, why do they do such a business, what do they do with the woman. After this, Umra spoke to the police station’s PSI Rasik Patel on the phone.

Five lakh Padav made full dowry.
The man who claimed to be a PSI said, “Doha, leave all this business and give five lakh rupees and you will be released.” Threatened to say so. However, Rakesh took out Rs 10,000 in cash from his pocket saying that he would first have to pay Rs 3 lakh and then Rs 2 lakh instead of begging for such a huge amount. Rakesh said that from there he will give money to a friend in Navsari market and money will be arranged for Rohit Patel there in the evening. So Rohit leaves saying that he will call in the evening.


to help prevent crime
Suggestion boxes have been put up in public places including gardens, walkways as a new experiment by Surat Police to seek public opinion. A letter was found yesterday in the suggestion box kept at Joggers Park on Ghoddod Road. In which it was written, ‘PI sahib is doing wrong to me, a lady was calling me from the clothes business in the house and later a police chief and two other people came and threatened me and demanded my money. I am afraid of honor and help me.” The merchant wrote the mobile number in the letter.

main accused head constable has been suspended. The Rajputs approached the textile broker Rakesh and took legal action against him. Honeytrap has registered more than 7 offenses against Head Constable Jayesh. Jayesh, who repeatedly tarnished the uniform, has been charged with a crime, hence he has been suspended and the higher officials are satisfied. In such a situation, it is rumored that the co-police personnel have taken exemplary action by sacking Jayesh. On the other hand, Jayesh is rumored to have met Jignesh and implicated many people in the honeytrap. Therefore, after being caught, if Jayesh is interrogated by putting both of them face to face, then many cases are likely to come up.


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