Dhamtari, 7 April (H.S.). After intensifying the heat in the month of April, the consumption of water has increased in all 40 wards of the city. In many wards, people are stealing water by installing tullu pumps through tapanels, in such a situation the speed of water in tap taps of many houses has reduced. By stopping the theft of water from Tulu Pump, the drinking water crisis in the city can be overcome.

At present the population of Dhamtari city is one lakh 20 thousand, which is residing in 40 wards. Most of these families are dependent on the water from the municipal motor pump and water treatment plant for drinking water and water. The city has facilities for sufficient drinking water to quench the thirst of the people and for disposal, but after the increase in heat, problems have increased in many wards for drinking water. After the onset of summer in Bathenapara Ward, Gokulpur, Mahatma Gandhi Ward, Rampur Ward and many other wards of the city, the water supply in the tappanel installed on the houses has already reduced, the main reason for this being theft of water from the Tullu pump. Huh. This situation is created every year, due to which the problem of drinking water arises. Ward residents Parmeshwar Kumar, Tikesh Kumar, Gautam Ram, Manohar Yadav, Pushpa Bai etc. told that if the Municipal Corporation takes action against those who steal water from Tulu Pump, then the problem of drinking water can be overcome.

Municipal corporation team will take action

The complaint of theft of water from Tulu Pump has reached the Municipal Corporation office. Mayor Vijay Devangan told that after the onset of summer, many family members steal water by putting tulu through tape taps, this reduces the speed of water in the tappanels installed on others’ homes. In view of this, Mayor Vijay Devangan has directed the Municipal Corporation team to raid the city wards in the morning and evening to confiscate the Tullu pumps of the families who have stolen water from Tullu pumps, so that the theft of water from Tullu pumps can be stopped. Can you After the order, the municipal team will soon inspect the wards and take action against theft of water from Tulu Pump.