Hyderabad: Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan expressed concern over officials allegedly not turning up during her visit to the districts in violation of protocol, but said she would like to leave the matter to the people of the state.

He made his point that it is not a question about him as a person and the post of governor should be respected. Sundararajan, who spoke to reporters in Delhi after his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said there was no need to ‘report’ on the issue. “There may be some decisions which are not accepted by the governor.”

“Does this mean that the office of the governor should be insulted? Should the Governor’s protocol be violated and the Governor should not be taken into account when he is on tour? Collector should not come, SP should not come. Is there any such rule I leave it to the people of Telangana.’

The alleged protocol violation happened during his recent visits to the Samakka-Sarakka tribal festival in Mulugu district and the newly inaugurated Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple in Yadadri. Asked whether he informed PM Modi about the alleged differences with the TRS government and violation of protocol in which the officials concerned stayed away from his visit, the governor said there was no need to report the issue and Said, “It is known to all. ,

“I am a friendly person, ready to help anyone. I am not a controversial person at all. This does not mean that I should accept whatever the government’s appeal is. As a constitutional head, I have my opinion. I always walk according to the law and order.’ About that. But, the post of Governor should be respected.

It is not (about) Tamilisai. I leave it to the people of Telangana and the people of the country,” said Sundararajan. The Governor said that she has not made any controversial statement and always wanted to maintain good relations with the state government.

Media reports here suggested alleged escalating differences between the Raj Bhavan and the TRS government. The non-acceptance of the government’s suggestion regarding a candidate for the MLC seat under the governor’s quota and the alleged delay in the appointment of a temporary chairman in the council are cited as reasons for differences between the governor and the state government. has gone.

Asked about not giving consent to the candidate suggested by the government for nomination to the Legislative Council under the governor’s quota, Sundararajan said he cannot be compelled to take a decision on the matter and he “serves” Not satisfied with the credibility of nominated person.

There was provision for service category in nominations under the governor’s quota, Sundararajan said, while he had previously given consent for the two MLCs. Citing government sources about the delay in the appointment of a non-permanent Speaker in the Legislative Council, Sundararajan said the appointment was only an interim arrangement in the constitutional scheme that he had conveyed to the government. “I am receptive to any discussion on any matter,” Sundararajan said.

Although she had powers under the Constitution, the governor said she would not want them to be invoked in respect of violations. He also questioned whether anything wrong had been done on his part. Meanwhile, the Governor of Telangana thanked PM Modi for the COVID-19 vaccination campaign and the launch of direct flight services between Hyderabad and Puducherry.