In the Madhavpur fair of Porbandar, a controversy has arisen over the assignment of strange responsibilities to the teachers. According to the information received, teachers have been given a strange responsibility for organizing the fair to be held in Madhavpur, Porbandar. For 72 villages of Porbandar taluka, 81 teachers have been appointed as bus route supervisors. The Primary Education Association opposed the assignment of non-academic responsibilities to the teachers.


The Primary Education Association wrote a letter to the District Development Officer saying that such action cannot be taken under the RTE Act. Conducting non-academic activities is an insult to the order of the court. Therefore, it was proposed that these orders be set aside forthwith. The fair will run from April 10 to April 14. The teachers who have the responsibility of teaching the children have been given the responsibility of bus supervisor. Teachers will take the citizens to the fair ground and drop them to their villages after the program is over. The Primary Education Association has opposed this decision.

girl raped in surat

A 16-year-old girl has been raped in Goddara, Surat. According to the information received, the accused youth had befriended the girl through social media and later raped her. The teenager was going through a phase of depression due to rape and the whole matter came to light that she had not given the 12th examination. Later investigation revealed that the girl was three months pregnant. Police arrested the accused in the case and took further action.