Supreme-Court-2 (1)You must have heard many cases of divorce between husband and wife, but recently a different kind of case has come to the fore between a couple. You will surely be surprised to know that. In 41 years of marriage, a very shocking case of 60 cases between husband and wife has come to the fore. Even the Chief Justice has been forced to think about it. Prime Judge NV Ramana On Wednesday, he appeared embroiled in a particular matrimonial dispute case. The divorced couple has filed 60 cases against each other in a span of 41 years. In these 41 years, they are also different by 11 years.

live hindustan According to a report, the matter of the couple has gone to the trial court and the high court as well and it is seen that the relationship between husband and wife has come to an end. Wife accused father-in-law of sexual abuse. Now both the parties want to mediate.

India’s Chief Justice NV Ramana said, “Some people enjoy fighting. He always wants to be in court. They can’t sleep without seeing the court.” The CJI Bench directed the couple to mediate to resolve the dispute. Justice Hima Kohli said that the talent of lawyers should also be considered. She was also surprised by the number of times the couple came to court.

The Supreme Court asked the wife’s lawyer whether they were ready to settle. His lawyer said that he was ready to mediate, but the proceedings of the High Court should not be stayed. The bench said that it is not possible. “It came to our notice then. You cannot have both options. “You can’t use two options at once,” said David Cook, head of the Washington bureau of the Christian Science Monitor.