New Delhi: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has questioned National Conference Vice President and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah in connection with the Jammu and Kashmir Bank scam.

Omar Abdullah was supposed to go to Delhi and the ED questioned him at 11 am at his headquarters in the national capital. Talking to the media after leaving the ED headquarters, Umar said that the agency did not accuse him of anything and only questioned him in connection with the case. “They (ED) didn’t accuse me of anything. He called me for questioning in connection with the ongoing investigation in the 12-13 year old case. I answered them as best I could. I will further help them if they need me,” Omar Abdullah said.

According to news agency PTI, agency officials said the ED had earlier this year made inquiries in connection with a case registered by the ED to probe the purchase of a building in Mumbai by J&K Bank. Meanwhile, the National Conference said that the ED called Umar to Delhi to appear on Thursday on the ground that his presence was necessary in connection with the probe. “Even though this exercise is of political nature, he will cooperate as there is no wrongdoing on his part,” the party said in a tweet on its official Twitter handle.

In a detailed statement shared on social media platforms, the NC said that despite Ramzan being the holy month, and Delhi not being his primary place of residence, Omar Abdullah did not seek adjournment or change of venue and appeared . According to the notice. “The central government has made a habit of misusing the investigating agencies and this is another step in the same direction. No political party has been spared any meaningful opposition to the BJP, be it ED, CBI, NIA, NCB – all used for political purposes,” the party said.

The National Conference said that “there was a time when elections were announced by the Election Commission but now it seems that the elections are announced by the ED”. “In recent years we have seen that wherever state elections are to be held, agencies like ED go ahead and target those parties which challenge the BJP,” the statement said.

It said, “This summons to our Vice President is in the same vein. We have no doubt that this fishing drive will not yield any tangible results for the BJP and the people will give a vehement support to the national convention whenever required.” The NC said the summons was “another step in the vicious defamation campaign that began before August 5, 2019, when constitutional office holders like the then governor were used to make reprehensible allegations against the BJP’s opponents, who were well aware There was no legal recourse. Available to those who receive these lies”.

“Even though this exercise is of political nature, Omar Abdullah will co-operate with the investigating agencies as no wrong has been committed on his part and he is not an accused in any of the cases under investigation,” the statement said.