content_image_364a6725-0e79-4388-b2fe-e07b158370cbChennai : Srinivasan Jayaram has recently quit his job at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). A week after leaving the job, TCS is about to join the new organization. Instead of spending extra time with his family, Srinivas, a software engineer from Chennai, decided to work as a part-time delivery agent at Zomato to learn something new.

The experience of the new operational days has exposed Jayaraman to the challenges faced by food delivery agents. Food delivery agents are in a hurry to deliver the parcel to the destination on time.

Srinivasan, in his LinkedIn post, shared 6 things he learned while working as a Zomato delivery agent. “In most cases, customers do not specify the exact location for delivery and do not even update their phone number,” he said. “If you are new to the area and Google Maps is not easy to use, finding a restaurant is difficult,” Srinivasan said.

It further writes that, often distance means distance becomes a problem. He cites his own example in which he had to pick up a food parcel and deliver it to a place 14 km away. It is believed that some so-called hotspot areas receive more orders but less orders are received from such areas even during peak hours. He got only 3 orders in 3 hours.

Finally, rising fuel prices are becoming a major problem. “Please help, support our warriors,” he wrote tagging Zomato. The notification you are planning to help you in case of hike in petrol prices has come to your notice. It is very much appreciated. Keep helping them.