Solan: A woman truck driver from Himachal Pradesh, her husband died at a young age, her father was lying on the bed due to unconsciousness and took both the trucks to the financiers to earn a living. However, like the noble Savitri, Nilkamal of Solan district did not give up. Although she could not save her husband’s life in a road accident that happened about 12 years ago, she did not let the family break up and took care of the steering wheel of the truck. Nilkamal, 39, of Pipalghat in the district is the first woman truck driver of Himachal Pradesh.

UltraTech supplies cement to several states. The story of Neelkamal’s struggle is no less than a hero. Nikhil had a five-year-old son, Nilkamal, when her husband died. Although Nilkamal used to drive a small car, he had no experience in driving a truck. Learned to drive a truck from an acquaintance and became a professional truck driver within a few months. After this, leaving a truck from the financier and putting it in the cement company. The hard work paid off and I bought another truck a few years later. Neelkamal has been driving a truck for about 10 years. After repaying the loan, he has two trucks.

earns one lakh rupees a month

Apart from this, 16 cows of indigenous breed have been kept. She sells 100 liters of milk daily. From all sources, Nilkamal earns around one lakh rupees every month. Neelkamal has become a support not only for her family but also in the upbringing of her brother’s children. Nilkamal’s father is suffering from Afrang for almost 16 years. She is also supporting her parents.

It’s not easy for women to drive a truck

Neelkamal says that the job of a truck driver is not easy for women. Generally people do not look at the truck driver with respect. When women are truck drivers, the outlook gets worse. Often alcoholics get confused at night, but they never seem to care. Trucks have to ply day and night on long routes. Nilkamal says now a lot of girls are driving. However, it takes a lot of hard work to become a professional driver.