Coronavirus: The whole world is battling the corona virus for the last 2 years. The wave of corona is not stopping, but now another contagious disease is knocking at the door. The symptoms of this disease are similar to corona. That’s why it is difficult to know what the disease is in the beginning.

three common symptoms of corona
There are three common symptoms of corona virus. Patients show three symptoms like cough, loss of taste and smell and fever.

with a new disease
Health experts have now warned of a new disease. In some parts of the world, people have been diagnosed with rhinovirus. The symptoms of this disease are similar to the symptoms of corona. Therefore, even after showing such symptoms, even if the corona report of the patient comes negative, the possibility of the patient being infected with rhinovirus cannot be ruled out.


In the UK, the Department of Health has developed new guidelines for protection against both viruses. Efforts are being made to make people aware of this disease and prevent the spread of this disease.

According to the new guidelines issued by the British Government, if a patient is given korota
If a headache, cough or cold persists even after passing the test, then these can be symptoms of rhinovirus. In such a situation, the patient should be kept in isolation at home.

Special care has also been taken during the merger. Patient clothing, utensils and toilets should be kept separate and clean, and special care should be taken to ensure that no one comes into contact with the patient.