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GUWAHATI, 7 APRIL (H.C.). On the occasion of World Health Day, FRU Medical Officer Dr. Rinku Das has said that women should take care of their own health. As a woman gives birth to her children, it is especially important to take care of their health. From childhood to old age, women should take special care of their health at every age. A woman is the foundation of a happy family. Children should be properly immunized at the time of birth so that, in future, their immunity is increased. In adolescence, a teenager should eat protein and take care of hygiene.

Actually, it is celebrated on 7 April every year by the World Health Organization. In the year 1950, two years after the establishment of the World Health Organization in the year 1948, it was decided to celebrate World Health Day. The World Health Organization took the initiative to celebrate this day globally. This time the theme of World Health is “Our Planet Our Health”, which means that our planet and our health, this earth has a special contribution in our health. That’s why it is necessary for us to keep our earth healthy to stay healthy. India is celebrating Yoga Amrit Mahotsav on the occasion of World Health Day. Which is being organized by the Ministry of AYUSH. Women are ideally suited in the field of health. Women are playing a special role in various fields of health.

Dr. Rinku Das, Medical Officer of FRU, Pandu, Guwahati, says that every year many women in the country are suffering from cancer. This is a terrible disease which is spreading day by day. Women should get regular checkups with increasing age. Breast cancer and cervical cancer have spread very much in cancer. Women should have regular screening so that the cancer does not spread much. By taking appropriate arrangements in advance, diseases can be prevented from progressing.

The special thing is that it is necessary to educate women. If women are educated then society will be educated. Educated women will be able to run a better family. He told that special care should be taken of women during menstruation. Their diet, medicines etc should be taken regularly so that immunity can be increased. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is setting new records every day by strengthening its health infrastructure. Now efforts are being made to provide health services to all citizens in every corner of the country.

It is noteworthy that the Government of Assam has started work expeditiously to further strengthen the health infrastructure of the state during the Corona pandemic. At present, eight medical college hospitals have been set up in the state, while the state government is trying with the help of the central government to set up eight more medical colleges. All India Institute of Medical Sciences is being constructed near Guwahati, due to which the health sector in Assam is going to be much better in the coming days.