New Delhi : Rajya Sabha proceedings were adjourned sine die within 18 minutes of its commencement on Thursday.

It was adjourned without any business a day before the scheduled time.

As soon as the House met at 11 am, Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu said that the House is going to be adjourned sine die today and all questions, starred or unstarred, shall be deemed to have been kept. He then asked the ministers and members to place the listed papers against their names.

Meanwhile, opposition members led by Shiv Sena started opposing the price hike and demanded a discussion on the FIR lodged against a former BJP MP.

Addressing the protesting members, Naidu said that when the Chairman has set aside the notices given by some of them, the discussion cannot take place.

“Don’t register negative impressions in my mind, please sit and let Zero Hour go on, especially on the last day of the session, this is not the way,” Naidu said.

But the opposition members refused to budge and kept on raising slogans and some of them came to the well.

The Chairman urged all the agitating members to resume their seats and asked BJP MLA Sushil Modi to raise his issue, but he could not listen.

Naidu then asked the opposition whether they were interested in hearing the Speaker’s concluding remarks in the second part of the budget session.

When several requests to maintain order went unheeded, Chairman Naidu adjourned the House sine die without his concluding remarks.