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face A youth has been murdered in Lalita Chowkdi of Katargam. The young man died in his sleep. The strangers were killed and fled. The body was found in a blood-soaked condition. Katargam Police has reached the spot and is investigating further.

Surat: In the greed of taking gold powder, falling in the gutter
Two youths died in the greed of taking gold powder, two youths have died. No one brought the two men to clean the gutters. Both the youths had unintentionally gone out to dig the soil in the drain. Both the youths earn money by finding gold powder in the soil. The two youths have not been identified.

Gold jewelery is made in the residential area around Ambaji temple. During that operation the gold powder goes through the water into the drain. To get the gold powder, both the youths entered the gutter and died.

Surat: Court to pronounce verdict on April 16 in Chakchari Grishma murder case in Surat , The arguments of both the sides are over. So far, statements of 105 witnesses have been taken. According to the information received, Chakchari will pronounce the verdict in the Surat Grishma murder case on April 16.


So far, the testimony of 105 key witnesses out of 190 have been taken in this case. And in respect of the case in which 85 witnesses were dropped, all the evidence has been presented. FSL has testified that the mobile video clip was genuine. And further statement of accused Fenil has been taken.