Sangli : The heat has become unbearable in Akola city. For the third consecutive day, the mercury in Akola city is above 44 degrees. The minimum temperature in Akola yesterday was recorded at 44.2 degrees Celsius. 44.2 This temperature is recorded as the highest temperature in the world. Just eight days ago, Akola was listed among the top 10 hottest cities in the world. The city of Birni in Niger ranks second in terms of heat. Pakistan’s Jacobabad finished third.

On the other hand, Kolhapur was followed by heavy hailstorm in Sangli district. The city of Miraj got hit by the hailstorm. This caused hailstorm in the city. The district received unseasonal rain for the third consecutive day. This threatens the grape crop and the farmers are worried. Along with this unseasonal wheat, gram, kalingad and mango have also been affected. Many trees have been uprooted by the rain. Letters on many houses have also been blown away.

Western Maharashtra has received unseasonal rains. There has been heavy hailstorm in rural areas of Kolhapur district. It has also rained in Kolhapur city. The hailstorm has badly affected the farmers.