Oceanography : Oceanography Vedic astrology (Astrology) is a branch. It gives information about the merits and demerits of a person by looking at the mole on the body and the size, color etc. of the body. In astrology, information about a person is given through various mediums.


In oceanography, women are considered the luckiest to have their husbands and father-in-law, based on the structure of the individual’s organs. If such a woman enters the life of a man, then his life becomes filled with joy. So let’s know who are these women…


lucky girls

According to oceanography, if the forehead is more than three fingers wide, in the shape of a crescent, then these girls are considered very lucky. Wherever such girls go, they get happiness and prosperity. At the same time, not only do they make the whole house famous.


this mark is special

It is also believed that girls who have a trident-shaped mark on their forehead are very lucky. According to Samudra Shastra, the husband’s social prestige increases after marriage with such women.

lucky these women

If the color of the skin above and below the eyes of women is light red and the pupils of their eyes are milky white, then they are considered very lucky. The woman whose gait is as thin as that of a flamingo and whose waist is as thin as that of a tiger, is considered to be the enjoyer of all pleasures.

toe design..

According to oceanography, women are very lucky if their toes are round, high and red. Such women are considered very lucky for their husbands.