Vastu Shastra has great importance in Hinduism. Today we will tell you some such things that you need to know before keeping conch shell in your home. Shankh installation has special significance in Vastu Shastra. The conch shell should be kept on the right side while worshiping. First of all, the conch shell should be washed and the mantra that should be chanted would be – ‘M Sudarshanastray Fatu’. Then the conch should be placed on the base in such a way that its open side is upwards and the beak is towards you.

After giving place, sandalwood should be applied on the conch shell by saying Pranav mantra i.e. ‘O’. In this way a conch kept for worship will bring happiness and good fortune in the house.


What if the conch is clockwise?

Always keep a conch in the house on an auspicious day. Along with this, you also have to keep in mind that neither you give your conch shell to anyone nor bring it by asking for someone’s conch. Along with this, according to Vastu, there should not be more than one conch shell in the house of worship, otherwise it is bad omen instead of auspicious.