Vastu Tips for Money: Earthen pots are usually kept in many homes during the summer days. Drinking water from an earthen pitcher is also good for health. Apart from this, earthenware is also of great importance from the point of view of material. It is also considered very auspicious to see an earthen pot filled with water in Shagun Shastra. This is called a good sign. Even in Vastu Shastra, pottery has been associated with wealth. If earthen pots are kept in the right direction and in the right way, then there is always a blessing in the house. The people of the house prosper and their income increases. An earthenware jug can also be kept in place of an earthen pot.

This is the true meaning of the burning of bad psychic impressions

Whenever you bring a new earthen pot, wash it thoroughly and fill it with drinking water. Then give this water to the child first. By doing this, there is always happiness and prosperity in the house. It would be better if a girl is given water first.

Keep the earthen pot in the north direction because it is the direction of Varun Dev i.e. the God of Water. If this is not possible then you can also keep it in the north-east. By doing this, the income of the members of the household increases, they get promotion.

Remember never to leave an earthen pot empty. The pot should not be empty, especially at night. Doing so causes financial loss. By keeping the pot full, your house will also be full of money and food.

If the financial problem is not over and there is a problem in career-business, then every evening light a lamp in front of the earthen pots. Burn camphor in the evening. This will increase positive energy in the house.