Many remedies and rules have been told in the scriptures for a better and happy life. In which the scriptures also say that every action done by a person has an effect on his life. Who wants poverty to reside in his house? According to astrology, every planet constellation has an effect on us.

This effect can be both good or bad. Men or women, we all get our hair cut. Unknowingly, everyone gets a haircut on the wrong day, which has the opposite effect on us.

Unknowingly, we make some mistakes due to which Maa Lakshmi gets angry, which has the opposite effect on us and due to negativity, trouble starts increasing from all sides. According to astrology, here we are telling you some such remedies, knowing which your problem of lack of money can be overcome.

follow these steps…
Wednesday and Friday are considered the most auspicious of all the days. According to astrology, getting hair or nails cut on Wednesday is considered very auspicious. By cutting hair on this day, there is never any shortage of money in the house and happiness and prosperity always remain. That’s why you should get a haircut on Wednesday and Friday. On the other hand, Friday is a very good day for cutting nails.

Let us tell you that it is clearly said in the scriptures that Friday is the best day to cut nails or hair. By doing this you also get a lot of progress and luck favors you. According to astrology, hair, beard and nails should not be cut even on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of the week. It has the opposite effect on you.