Every girl has many dreams regarding marriage. On the other hand, nowadays girls like to choose life partner of their own free will. In such a situation, there is often a question in the mind of girls whether their marriage will be fixed or love. But according to astrology and palmistry, it can be traced to some extent from the mole on our face and body.

Let’s know about it…

Girls who have a mole on the right side of their eyes, they attract boys soon. We can also say that the love luck of these girls is very strong. In such a situation, she marries a boy of her choice, that is, there are more chances of her having a love marriage. But these girls need to pay full attention to it to keep their relationship strong. Otherwise, their partner’s attention may go here and there.

Many girls have a mole inside the ear. This indicates that she will take the decision of marriage only after knowing the person in front. In such a situation, the chances of their love marriage being high are high. Along with this, these girls like to get married in the traditional way. Apart from this, due to being very good housewives, these girls take care of the house well.

Girls who have mole on their cheeks believe in getting married once in life. So once he falls in love with someone, he becomes completely devoted to him. Also she marries him. Apart from this, the mole lying on the cheek also indicates that he does not fall in love quickly. In such a situation, she prefers to do arranged marriage.

Women who have mole on their lips are open minded. It is affected quickly from the front. Also, when she falls in love with someone, she proposes herself. It gives great importance to love in life. In such a situation, she is ready to do anything for the happiness of her partner. That’s why these girls believe in doing love marriage instead of arranged.

If a woman has a mole on the upper part of her hand, then it takes time to decide about marriage. Such girls get attracted towards boys more or less than their age. Apart from this, due to the delay in choosing the partner, it also marries late.