Kolkata : Its entrance is considered to be the most important in any house. It is believed that positive and negative energies enter the house through this door. It is said that if you want to keep your house free from negative forces, then keep its main door free from Vastu defects. By fixing the Vastu of the main door, unwanted forces do not enter in it and the blessings of Mother Lakshmi remain on the family. Today we are going to tell you some such things, by doing which God’s grace always remains at home.

*Make Rangoli at the main entrance of the house
According to Vastu Shastra, if you have time in the morning, then make Rangoli with flour on both sides of the main door. If you do not have time every day then you can make Rangoli even once a week. By doing this, Maa Lakshmi is pleased and showers her blessings on the family.

* According to Vastu, one should first of all wake up in the morning and bow to God. After that the exterior of the main door should be washed with water. If you want, you can add a little turmeric to it. By doing this, the financial constraints of the family are removed and there is never any shortage of money in the family.

* Put symbols of gods
To bring happiness and prosperity in the house, the symbol of Om, the feet of Shri Ganesh or Maa Lakshmi and the symbol of auspicious benefits should be placed on its main door. By doing this, positive energy resides in the house all the time and negative forces are not able to enter the house. Get up in the morning and go to these signs and bow to them.

* According to Vastu, it is considered auspicious to put a pylon at the main door of the house. This toran is made from mango, peepal or Ashoka leaves. This archway brings happiness and prosperity in the house and there is an increase in happiness and prosperity in the family.

* After taking bath, put a swastika on the main door.
After taking bath every day, put a swastika sign on the main door of the house. By doing this, the disease stays away from the family members. Along with this, financial constraints are also removed. This brings happiness in the family.