According to astrology, Sun God is called the king of all planets. If their light falls on the house, then positive energy is transmitted. Removing the problems of family members opens the way for progress in life. Along with this, keeping the idol of Sun in home and workplace strengthens the position of Sun in the horoscope. But applying it in the right direction and in the metal gives double benefits. Let us know about it in detail…

Idol of Sun God on Sunday…

The day of Sun God is considered to be Sunday. Therefore, chanting the mantra ‘O Bhaskarai Namah’ or ‘M Adityaya Namah’ on Sunday, place his statue in the right direction.
Benefits of installing an idol of Sun God

increase in confidence

Sun God is called the king of all the planets. In such a situation, putting his idol in the house increases confidence.

Paths to success will open

It is believed that it removes problems related to job and business. At the same time, the path of progress opens up.

Vastu defects will be removed

The Vastu defects of the house are removed and one gets happiness, prosperity, peace and happiness.

prevention of diseases

It is believed that the idol of Sun God remains healthy in the house. On the other hand, if someone is sick in the house, it is considered auspicious to keep the idol of Sun God in the patient’s room.

economic crisis will go away

Keep the idol of Sun God in the safe, cupboard and where you have kept money and valuables. It is believed that this strengthens the financial condition.

Statue of sun god in workspace

Putting the idol of Sun God in a workplace like home gives auspicious results.

The idol of Sun God should be made from this metal.

wooden sculpture

According to Vastu, keeping a wooden idol of Sun God in the house is auspicious. This increases the honor and respect of the members of the household. With the help of luck, the paths of progress are opened.

stone or clay sculpture

Those who are engaged in work, they should keep an idol made of stone or clay in the house.

copper statue

Keeping a copper idol in the house brings positive energy. After removing the problems of life, happiness, prosperity, peace and happiness reside in the house.

silver statue

Keeping a silver idol in the house increases confidence and prestige.

gold statue

It is believed that there is no shortage of money by installing a gold idol of Sun God.

Right direction to put the idol of Sun God

for financial strength

Keep the idol of Sun God in the north direction of the house from 12 noon to 3 pm. It is believed that at this time the Sun God is in the north direction of the earth.

To increase the concentration power of the child

If your child is weak in studies, then place an idol of Sun in the north-east direction of his study room. Also apply it between 3 pm to 6 pm.

for business growth

To increase business, between 3 pm to 6 pm, place an idol of Sun in the south-west direction of the workspace.

to strengthen the planet Sun

To strengthen the Sun planet in the horoscope, place a copper sun statue in the west direction of the house from 6 to 9 in the evening.