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If money is stuck in ATM, then do this work first, otherwise it will be done.


Nowadays most of the people use ATM to withdraw cash. But you must have heard the news many times that money gets stuck in ATM while withdrawing cash. In such a situation, many people get nervous and try to withdraw money from the ATM machine again. In this situation you do not need to panic. If this happens to you too, then this news is just for you. Today we are going to tell you how to get money back from ATM.

How to contact the bank

According to the rules of RBI, if you go to the ATM of a bank to withdraw money and it does not come out, then you do not need to take any tension. All you have to do is contact the nearest branch of your bank, if the bank is closed then you can call the customer care and register your complaint. The bank will have one week to process your complaint.

Keep the transaction slip with you

If the transaction fails while withdrawing money from the ATM, then you should have a slip of the same. If for some reason the slip is not generated then you can also give the bank statement. The transaction slip is required as it contains the ATM ID, location, time and response code from the bank.

Bank will refund your money in 7 days

RBI has prepared a special guideline against such complaints. Under which any bank has to return the customer’s money within seven days. If the bank does not return your money within a week, you can approach the Banking Ombudsman. If the bank does not give you money in seven days, then according to the rules, it will have to pay 100 rupees per day.



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