content_image_95a8b222-8c52-4d47-957b-4f0bfb9099f9New Delhi: Indian company Adverb Technology is all set to set up the world’s largest mobile robotics factory with an annual manufacturing capacity of 3 lakh robots. With this, AdWorb will compete with Chinese companies in terms of size.

The company is using India’s software facilities to build complex robots to supply to the global market and beat global competitors.

Founded in 2013, Adverb is backed by Reliance Industries, which has invested ₹127 million to buy a 7% stake. The company aims to become one of the top 4 mobile robotics manufacturers in the world.

Adverb’s factory currently has a capacity of 20,000 robots, with orders for up to 18 months. The blueprint of the company’s manufacturing plant is being prepared.

The global market for mobile robotics is currently around 3 billion and is growing rapidly. However, in the last financial year, only 1,200 robots were sold in India, including mobile robots, automated, guided vehicles and sorting robots.