At present, the situation in Asia is not going well. India’s two neighboring countries Pakistan and Sri Lanka are facing political and economic slowdown. Meanwhile, a situation has arisen in Sri Lanka where soldiers have been deployed for security amid shortage of petrol at petrol pumps. At the same time, in our country too, an increase of Rs 10 has been seen in the price of petrol in the last 17 days.

Petrol prices in India may have skyrocketed for centuries, but they are easily available. Common people, who are currently facing inflation, are now seen accepting small bets for petrol. Actually, the owner of a petrol pump in Nagpur district of Maharashtra has categorically refused to sell petrol for less than Rs 50.

Ravi Shankar Pardhi, owner of a petrol pump, says, “People want petrol for Rs 20-30 and the machines there run very fast.” When a worker picks up the nozzle, people’s petrol ends up at Rs 20-30, which leads to a fight, so we have taken this decision to save electricity and reduce fights.


Posters have also been put up at the pump on behalf of the petrol pump owner. Everyone is surprised to see that. Actually, even after increasing the price of petrol in our country, most people get petrol proof of 20 to 30 rupees for daily work. Due to which running petrol filling machine consumes more electricity.

It has also been seen that people are unhappy with the rising price of petrol and often people are seen arguing with the employees of the petrol pump. To avoid this, the pump owner has adopted this method.