new Delhi: Well-known footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is counted among the richest players in the world. Apart from sports, he is also very popular due to his personal life. This time he is discussing his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. According to a report, Ronaldo pays more than Rs 80 lakh every month to his girlfriend to meet the expenses. The British media has described the money given to the girlfriend as ‘salary’.

According to El Nacional, Georgia Rodriguez is paid ₹83,000 per month (over ₹82 lakh) for ‘child care and other expenses’, before Ronaldo gifted a 1.5 million car to his girlfriend Georgia Rodriguez . Ronaldo and Georgia Rodriguez lead a life of luxury. A glimpse of this can be seen from the social media account of Georgia Rodriguez, Georgia Rodriguez and Ronaldo have been together since 2017.

Georgia Rodriguez is a model who has appeared in commercials for several brands. He has more than 36 million followers on Instagram. Millions of people like and comment on one of his pictures.

The most recent documentary on Georgia Rodriguez, ‘I’m Georgina’, covers all aspects of her life.

According to The Mirror, the life of Giorgia Rodriguez, who once worked at the store, changed dramatically after she moved in with Ronaldo. Georgia Rodriguez lives in a $48 million luxury palace. 55 crores travel in yachts. Also travel in luxury cars like Bugatti, Rolls Royce and Ferrari.

The palace also has a swimming pool, gym and football field. According to reports, he uses private jets for air travel.