content_image_463a8f6d-ed99-4b97-ab38-8f0f553de288new Delhi : Pakistan Cricket Board President Rameez Raja is hopeful that during the International Cricket Council meeting to be held in Dubai from April 7 to 10, there will be a positive conversation between the officials of India and Pakistan Cricket Board about playing cricket against each other. ,

Pakistan is looking to host a T20 tournament between India, Pakistan, England and Australia in Dubai. However, India and England are yet to react.

A news agency quoted a Pakistan Cricket Board official as saying that Pakistan Cricket Board President Rameez Raja is going to discuss the four-nation tournament, Asia Cup and other issues with the officials of the Indian Cricket Board in the next meeting.

Recently, Raja had said that it was wrong to deny fans the match between India and Pakistan. Tickets for the T20 World Cup match between the two countries were sold out on the same day. Cricket should not be viewed from a political point of view.

Raja said, “I am also talking to Sourav Ganguly. The future of cricket lies in tournaments of more than one country.” I am also ready to talk to the Government of Pakistan to play a bilateral series between India and Pakistan.

Rameez Raja said in the ICC meeting, after Australia’s recent tour of Pakistan, all other countries will also come to Pakistan to play cricket.