The jersey worn by Diego Maradona of Argentina, one of the world’s greatest footballers, in the quarter-final against England in the 1986 World Cup, will be auctioned. The bidders are expected to bid around Rs 40 lakh (approximately Rs 40 crore).

hand of god

The quarter-final match against England in the 1986 World Cup has been called the controversial Hand of God. Maradona wanted to score through a header in the match but the ball hit his hand and kept going into the goal post. The match referee could not witness the incident. Maradona scored his trademark dribbling goal, beating the entire England team.

4 million pound jersey

Auctioneer Sotheby’s said the jersey could fetch over Rs 40 lakh in the online auction starting April 20. These T-shirts make up a short list of the world’s most important and memorable items. The match, played in Mexico City on 22 June 1986, also had a different significance since the conflict between Britain and Argentina in the Falkland Islands four years earlier. After winning the match, Maradona stated that the goal came from a combination of Maradona’s head and God’s hand. Argentina won the match 2–1 and went on to win the semi-finals and final. After the match, Maradona exchanged jerseys with England midfielder Steve Hose. He hasn’t sold T-shirts since. This T-shirt has been on rent at the National Football Museum of England in Manchester for the past 20 years.