Mumbai Hero-Heroine these days are most connected to their fans on social media, sharing their professional life as well as personal life in photos and videos. Bhojpuri and Punjabi actress Neha Malik has now shared some pictures of her personal life, in which she is taking her photo wearing a gown at home.

The special thing is that the actress’s song has a tremendous influence on social media, she created a ruckus with star actor Khesarilal Yadav during the music video Tere Mere.

Actress Neha Malik has recently shared some pictures on her official Insta, which are getting a lot of likes from fans. In these pictures, Neha is seen posing in a sexy gown. You can see that the actress is looking very cute in this light pink gown. Fans are giving a lot of likes and comments on these photos of Neha Malik. People are commenting a lot and sharing smiley emoji openly.

The actress has shared many photos of pink gown one after the other from her house, in which the actress is posing in different poses and doing gown photoshoot. The actress is looking very bold and sexy in this photoshoot. Some are calling it beautiful and some are trolling it.