Mumbai: Urfi Javed is one of the most talked about names in the online world for quite some time now. Strange fashion sense, confidence to walk in it, why not make fun of Urfi, the discussion starts with a bang. This discussion about us may have reached Urfi, but she is living a rough life regardless.

Many people are unaware of his prophecy. Who is this nickname, what was she doing before, what is she doing now? Overall, the number of netizens is relatively high.

He answered all these questions in a recent interview. She told that after school life, she went to college only for about 6 months. She used to go to college for auditions.


As a result, she did not get much chance to live this life during her college days. Lack of money did not leave Urfi behind. So he had to do a show. For which he got Rs. This is his first earning.

Urfi Javed reveals he was forced to take casting couch, says 'men are very powerful in industry'  People News |  Zee News


Urfi, who went to audition for the lead role, was given a day role there. The makers said that there will be a boy in the scene, you just want to go over his body… It will hurt to hear that, but then Urfi said that he did it because he needed the money.

He always regrets doing this for money. The rest is about Urfi’s clothes and fashion designers, whereas expensive clothes are out of reach, so now she makes her own clothes.