Mumbai: Even after marriage, many people have relationships with strangers. But her husband is also aware of this model’s extra marital affair. The model says, “I am in an open relationship… so my husband does not oppose the relationship with the boyfriend…” The model has revealed about her personal life. She said that she has a husband to raise children and a boyfriend to enjoy romance and life.

The model’s name is Daisy… In an interview to a British website Daily Star, Daisy said, “She and her husband are in an open relationship. An open relationship means that both can romance another person.

Not only this, Daisy says that her husband is asexual. Because of this she always spends time with her boyfriend. Daisy is the mother of two children. She will soon give birth to her third child.


a family
Daisy’s story is different but the discussion of a thruppel couple living in the UK is always on social media. The special thing is that all three live in the same family with love.

Tom Hilliard, his wife Leslie and girlfriend Emma Cumber live in the same house. Tom once joked about involving another woman in his relationship. Since then she is living together.

Both are living together for the last two years. Now Leslie is also in love with Emma. All three live together in the house. They also share bills together. “We all love each other,” says Leslie. Like any other couple. The only difference is that we are three.