Jitendra Kapoor Birthday: Bollywood Superstar and veteran actor Jitendra Kapoor Today Celebrating his 80th birthday. Jitendra, who has given many superhit films to Bollywood in his career, still has a huge fan base. She won the hearts of the audience with her dance style and energetic acting. At that time Jitendra was a talisman of youth. Jitendra was also known as the ‘Jumping Jack’ of Bollywood due to his energetic acting. Very few people know that Jitendra Kapoor was born to a jeweler. His real name is Ravi Kapoor. He changed his name after working in the film. Jitendra Kapoor had to struggle a lot to become a superstar. His journey was not easy. today is his birthday(Jitendra Kapoor Birthday) Know about his and Hema Malini’s love story..


20 years of life spent in Chale –

Jitendra had to work hard to become a superstar. They didn’t get everything straight. In the early days of his life he was living in ‘Shyam Sadam Chal’ in Mumbai. He spent almost 20 years of his life here. Jitendra was fond of films since childhood. He often ran away from home to watch movies. Jitendra had a small role in the 1959 film Navrang. For many years, Jitendra worked hard to prove himself and then carved an affordable and unique niche in Bollywood.


Marriage was to be held in Chennai

The love story of Jitendra and Hema Malini started during the shooting of the film ‘Dulhan’. Hema Malini and Jitendra’s family had arranged their marriage. Hema Malini was in love with Dharmendra, she told this story to Dharmendra, on the other hand Hema Malini’s family was also fully ready for marriage. But during this time Jitendra was in a relationship with his current wife Shobha Kapoor. Meanwhile, Jitendra and Hema Malini have decided to get married in Chennai.


Dharmendra stopped the marriage like this –

When Dharmendra came to know about Hema Malini and Jitendra’s marriage, he got very angry. He found a way to stop this marriage. Dharmendra reached Madras with Shobha. Shobha got confused on reaching there. So Jitendra and Hema could not get married. Dharmendra was drunk at that time. Seeing the uproar in the girl’s marriage, Hema Malini’s father threw Dharmendra out of the house. However, Jitendra and Hema’s marriage eventually fell apart.