The private sector Yes Bank was once on the verge of sinking. However, now it seems that the good days of this bank are about to come back. This is what the trend of the stock market is saying. Yes Bank shares touched record highs for the second consecutive day today. Yesterday, where there was a tremendous growth of about 13 percent yesterday, today the stock has reached a new high of 1 year.

Yes Bank stock is very high today

Yes Bank share price on BSE increased by Rs. Open at 15.30. In no time it increased further to Rs. Arrived at 16.25. Which is the new 52-week high of the stock. However, the latter saw little effect of a sell-off in the market and some control over the uptrend. At 10:50 pm, Yes Bank shares rose 3.27 per cent to Rs. Was trading at 15.17.

such a record jump a day ago

Earlier on Wednesday, Yes Bank shares had climbed 12.83% on the BSE. At the end of the trading session, its share price is Rs. was 14.69. The shares of the bank amounted to Rs. Closed on 13.02. The share price of Yes Bank (share price of Yes Bank on NSE) also saw a big jump on the National Stock Exchange. It rose 16.92 per cent to Rs. Closed at 15.20.

Its share price rose over 26 per cent on NSE

The stock of Yes Bank has been witnessing a steady rise for the past few days. Its share price on NSE has risen by over 26% in the last 6 days. The stock of Yes Bank has been very good in its heyday. Looking at its share price in the last 5 years, in August 2018, it was around Rs. reached a high of 400. After that, his bad days began when he faced financial irregularities. At one time RBI had imposed many restrictions on Yes Bank customers.