The war between Russia and Ukraine is not over. NATO has even said that if Russia does not come forward for the agreement, then this war can go on for a year! As the war progresses, the United States continues to impose new sanctions on Russia. The United States continues to threaten countries that refuse to accept sanctions. Russia offered to supply our country with cheap oil and we have accepted that offer. Just two days back, our Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaram had said that our country has started buying oil from Russia at a reasonable price. America is claiming to be a close friend of India, but when it does not believe in itself, America also puts friendship at stake. The structure of America accustomed to world hegemony is slowly shining. The US has said that if India does not reduce its ties with Russia, it will not have good results. India should stop buying oil from Russia. If need be, we will supply oil to India.

America is talking about giving oil but Russia will give oil at the same price? The answer is no. We broke ties with Iran because of America. Iran also gave us a lot of concessions in buying oil. India traded with Iran in Rupees and Rials. Russia also now has to deal in ruble. Petrol and diesel prices are increasing in our country. Petrol and diesel are such things that if prices go up all the commodities become more expensive and overall inflation increases. If we have to keep our economy healthy then we have to make our own decisions and that is what India is doing. We don’t fight with anyone. Ever since the war started, our country has been insisting on a negotiated settlement. America says that our country should not go out to fight against anything.

Our country has already maintained a neutral stance regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine. America does not tolerate our neutrality. America has been threatening India with advice. There are rumors that the gap between India and America is widening

Russia’s war footing is not correct, but it does mean that we must stop dealing with it. What is America doing? The United States is urging the world to cut all ties with Russia, but it is still buying oil from Russia. The United States has set April 22 as the date for buying oil from Russia and then shutting it down! Why doesn’t the US stop buying oil from Russia immediately? The United States continues to buy not only oil but also other minerals and chemicals from Russia. America is constantly increasing its oil reserves so that it does not mind if the situation worsens! The double standards of America and its allies are being exposed. The United States has implemented sanctions that prevent Russia from dealing with the dollar, allowing Russia to offer the world a deal in rubles. Most of the countries of Europe depend on Russian oil. If Russia stops supplying gas, many European countries will collapse. European countries are now increasingly likely to comply with US sanctions. Everyone has to run his country. America has no problem with itself but other countries have to think for themselves or not?

The first major change was given by Hungary to America. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Wednesday that Russia would buy oil from Russia if it offered to pay in rubles. Russia has already made such a proposal. Elections were still held in Hungary last Sunday. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has won the election for the fourth time in a row. After his resounding victory, he said, “We have had close relations with Russia for the past decade, how can this happen overnight?” The truth is that if it stops buying oil and gas from Russia, Hungary will lose its air. Other European countries have a similar situation as Hungary. It will not be a surprise if one country after the other starts trusting Russia. Japan is a friend of America. Japan has also said that the gas project with Russia cannot be stopped. America wants to isolate Russia, but it will not happen, America will be left alone!

The United States has said it will break ties with Russia, but is still buying oil from Russia. America’s double cut, however, is over. India has signaled to America that if you are a friend, behave like a friend. stop the grandeur

If America goes down with India, America is bound to suffer. America cannot function without India. If America was on the run, it would have imposed sanctions on our country only if it bought the S-400 air defense system from Russia. America is threatening India by saying that if China does something to you, no one will come to your aid except us. America is in a false illusion. If India improves relations with China and India, Russia and China unite in future, America will be in trouble.

America’s talk is no longer as breathless as it was before. The US election in Afghanistan was exposed. Until the last minute, the United States told Ukraine that “no matter what you worry about, we are sitting down.” Even if Russia attacks Ukraine, America will remain silent, the decisions of US President Joe Biden are proving to be weak. America does not take any risk to protect the US economy from weakening. If America doesn’t take the risk, why do other countries take the risk? The weakness of the United Nations has also come to the fore. When the war between Russia and Ukraine will end and even after the war, the nations of the world will have to decide whether or not to trust America and how much.