content_image_2210eb8d-bc1c-443a-868a-353b1043646eIslamabad: The Parliament of Pakistan has been dissolved by the President and it has been decided to hold elections in three months. However, the matter is currently pending in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Now on Thursday, the no-confidence motion will be heard again in the Supreme Court. Earlier on Wednesday, the Supreme Court had asked many questions. On the other hand, Pakistan President Arif Alvi has asked the Election Commission to fix the date of the election. And called for elections within three months.

Pakistan President Arif Alvi has asked the Election Commission to announce the election date and take a decision as the elections are to be held within three months. Earlier, the Election Commission had said that it is not possible to hold elections within three months. However, later turned around and said that we are ready to hold elections within three months if needed. Now that the President has asked for the date, the Election Commission can announce the date of the election within three months.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has questioned the public prosecutors on what grounds and in what capacity the Speaker of the Parliament has decided to dismiss the no-confidence motion. Has the President taken this decision on the basis of allegations of foreign powers being behind the no-confidence motion? The decision which was taken only mentions the allegations whereas in reality the decision has to be taken on the basis of truth. In such a situation, now the matter can get complicated. Meanwhile, the political turmoil in Pakistan could affect CPEC projects with China. However, China claimed that the trade corridor with Pakistan would not be affected by this situation.