content_image_dbe7adbd-1666-4fe1-85e1-5b8172cace51Kyiv : The war between Russia and Ukraine is about 1.5 months old but the army of not a single country is ready to back down. In the midst of all this, Ukrainian lawmakers have made some very startling claims. The Ukrainian MP told how Russian soldiers crossed all limits of barbarism.

According to Lesia Vasilenko, MP of Ukraine’s opposition Holos party, Russian soldiers are also abusing girls now. Lesia also told how the girls were being hanged. Not only this, according to him, Russian soldiers are making special marks on the bodies of girls.

Earlier in Ukraine, young women claimed that Russian soldiers called them to their side and then committed atrocities. Russian soldiers also raped 10-year-old girls, according to MP Lacia, Russian soldiers not only kill people but also hunt girls and girls. They make swastika-like marks on their bodies after abusing girls. Russian soldiers have crossed all limits of cruelty to girls and women.


Lacia also claimed last month that the Russian military was raping and hanging women who were unable to defend themselves.