379387-rassia-zeeNew Delhi: A fierce battle has broken out between Russia and Ukraine for the 43rd day today. Despite sanctions imposed by several countries, the President of Russia has repeatedly ordered deadly attacks in various cities of Ukraine. The attack by the Russian army is causing horrific scenes around Ukraine. Discussions are spreading rapidly around the world about the two daughters of Vladimir Putin. The main aim of the US sanctions on two of Putin’s daughters is to target the Russian president. The US has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of hiding his wealth and helping his daughters. The White House says President Putin is hiding his assets in the names of family members. Let’s find out now and try to understand who are Putin’s daughters and what are they doing which America is targeting.

Maria and Katrina are Putin’s daughters.Russian
President Vladimir Putin has two daughters. Whose names are Katrina and Maria. Both daughters are the children of his first wife, Lyudmila. Putin’s eldest daughter’s name is Maria Vladimirovna Vorontsova, while the second daughter’s name is Katarina Vladimirovna Tikhonova. Putin is reportedly divorced from Lyudmila. There were no immediate reports of Putin’s marriage. The United States has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughters helped hide Putin’s assets. However, neither side has made it publicly clear that Russian leader Putin is his father. Both the daughters are not seen in public life.

What are Putin’s daughters doing?
According to media reports, Putin’s eldest daughter Dr. Maria recently worked in the Russian Presidential Palace. Although officially Maria is the chief researcher at the Department of National Medical Research Center for Endocrinology in the Ministry of Health of Russia. Maria studied biology at St. Petersburg University and medicine at Moscow State University. He is also involved in genetic research work. Whereas, according to the details of US sanctions, Putin’s daughter Katrina is a technology executive. He also works in the Kremlin. Katrina’s job is to support the Russian government and its defense industry.

According to the news agency, Katrina described herself as the wife of Kirill Shamalov, son of Nikolai Shamalov, a longtime friend of President Putin. Shamalov is a shareholder in a Russian bank, described by US officials as a Russian elite private bank. As husband and wife, Kirill and Katarina had corporate holdings of about $2 billion, according to estimates by financial analysts. According to Russian and Western media reports, Maria is married to Dutch businessman Jorit Jost Fassen. The report said that her husband works for Gazprombank. Russian officials denied the allegations in a statement released Friday, saying “similar baseless allegations regarding Putin’s assets have been made more than once.”