BEIJING, 07 APRIL (HUS). China has successfully launched a new satellite to monitor the earth. According to Chinese media, the satellite has entered the orbit smoothly after the successful launch.

China on Thursday morning launched high resolution satellite number 3-03 at 7.47 am. When the announcement of the launch was successful, the faces of the scientists involved in this process blossomed. Scientists said that this ambitious satellite has been successful in entering the orbit smoothly. This satellite will prove to be an ally in China’s maritime development, terrestrial environmental resource monitoring and emergency disaster prevention. It will provide data for these regions in a time bound manner keeping an eye on the earth. China will also be able to use these data in disaster control. This is the 414th flight of Chang Cheng, the rocket that launched this satellite.

It is noteworthy that China has made many important achievements in the field of space for some time. Its first rover is working on Mars and has brought soil samples from the Moon. China has established its own International Space Station. In the first year, China also launched its first solar observation satellite. China’s first solar telescope is installed in this satellite, so that scientists will be able to study solar flares.