ISLAMABAD, 07 APRIL (H.S.). The political turmoil in Pakistan is also giving new opportunities to terrorism. After the information of human bombs entering many cities of the country, Pakistan has declared a high alert. Meanwhile, the economic condition of Pakistan is also deteriorating. The result of the economy being turbulent is that the Pakistani rupee has collapsed and has reached Rs 189 against the dollar.

The internal situation in Pakistan is deteriorating amidst the ruckus over the power of Imran Khan. Pakistan has declared a high alert after several human bombs entered the country simultaneously and spread to major cities across the country. The activism of terrorist organization Al Badr has been cited as the root cause for this. Information has come to the fore of human bomb-turned terrorists linked to Al Badr reaching major cities of Pakistan, including Peshawar, Quetta, Bannu, Karachi and Lahore. After this, alerting the Pakistan Army, the general public has been asked to take precautions.

Amidst the fear of terrorist incidents, there is a cloud of crisis on the economy of Pakistan. The Pakistani rupee has been depreciating against the US dollar for the past seventeen consecutive days. On Thursday, the price of one dollar reached Rs 189. The rupee has declined by Rs 2 87 paise as compared to Wednesday. The rupee has depreciated more than ten percent against the dollar in the last one month. Pakistani economists are constantly expressing concern about this.